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the mandalorian vietsub và các Nội dung liên quan đến từ khoá.

Eric Shane Calvin và Aaron phản ứng và thảo luận về mùa 5 tập 10 của Doctor Who Vincent and the Doctor Vote trong cuộc thăm dò của chúng tôi và xem sớm một số video Blind Wave nhất định !! Blind Wave được tài trợ trên Patreon bởi: Keyboard Junkie và The Blind Wave Discord Family Trang web Twitter: FaceBook: Twitch: Discord: Snapchat: Blind_wave Subreddit: Gửi cho chúng tôi Nội dung tại: PO Box 304 Marietta, OH 45750.

Doctor Who 5×10 REACTION!! "Vincent and the Doctor" và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề này.

Doctor Who 5x10 REACTION!! "Vincent and the Doctor"
Doctor Who 5×10 REACTION!! "Vincent and the Doctor"

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Doctor Who 5×10 REACTION!! "Vincent and the Doctor".

the mandalorian vietsub.


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  1. I come back to the reactions to this episode every few months just to weep all over again. The last ten or twenty minutes of this episode are my favorite 10/20 minutes of any television episode in human history

  2. As to Picasso, while he was all that you said, he also used that ability to help those he knew. He had a good friend who needed help (disabled or ill), so he created a lithograph and gave his friend the original and the right to strike off X number of them (I think X was 2000). So he gave his friend a means of making money and limiting the amount so the lithographs would hold value, so the friend could have a guaranteed income, when and as the friend needed it.

  3. I'm enjoying this playlist, but one thing just gets me. In The Time of Angels, there was an Angel dummy on the table, in this one, there's a Starry Night T-shirt. What gives guys, what gives?

  4. It's rather amazing I think to see how van gogh is remembered vs how he lived. Today he's remembered as a brilliant painter but in his day everyone thought him talentless. Kinda makes you think today might suck but tomorrow… Who knows

  5. At first I thought Amy behaviour towards Rory at first was off putting, and it is. But I realosed Amy has been waiting for the Doctor to come back for a really really long time and so when he does she is so caught up in him she cant see anyone else, its not until she is with him for a little that that feeling fades, everyone puts the doctor on a pedestal at first. She always loved Rory, but the doctor came back into her life at an awkward moment.

  6. Talking about Picasso: I saw a news story that after he died, they found hundreds, if not thousands, of art pieces that he'd deliberately kept back from the public during his lifetime; it said that, as a dedicated communist, he did this to flood the art market so that the prices for his works would plummet.
    No idea if this is true, but it'd be a nice touch – he gets the benefit of his works selling for million while he was alive to enjoy said benefits, then after he died he deliberately devalued his art so that those rich collectors lose money on their investments.

  7. Something to note that I find fun. In the song Vincent by Don Mclean there is a line that goes like this "Like the strangers that you've met
    . The ragged men in the ragged clothes" And what is Amy's nickname for the Doctor??? Raggedy Man. Great foreshadowing.

  8. This vid: approaches the Van Gogh visiting his own exhibit scene in an example of flawless casting, acting, directing, and entertainment truly a rarity in cinema.

    Me: Buckle the fuck up, boy-o's.

  9. There is ample evidence that Van Gogh licked his paint-brushes to refine the shape of their tips. Common practice of the day.
    Lots of pigments were based on metal salts, some were heavy metals.
    Cadmium is especially damaging to the brain; his brilliant yellows were cadmium.
    Lead oxide is pure white and was often the 'ground' coat that whitened the canvas. Prevented bugs from eating the canvas, too!
    Nobody wore gloves, and who back them thought 'ground' would be dangerous? Slather it on, so what if it's on your hands?
    Artists loved the metallic pigments since they blend well and the colors do not fade over time or under sunlight.
    Organic pigments were a nightmare due to fading and color changes over time. Mix them wrong and soft rose-red dries to look like mud.
    My mom was a passionate oil-painter so I learned all this stuff quite young.
    And the house smelled wonderful at times; all those oils and turpentine and such made a sort of incense.
    Thanks for helping remember those days.

  10. Tony Curran did such a fine portrayal of Van Gogh. He was at once relatable but quirky, charming but affected, brilliant yet down-to-earth. His performance is noteworthy. Also something to mention is that Tony Curran and Bill Nighy were in Underworld together as Victor and Markus, two of the three vampire elders/leaders.

  11. The thing that always made me sad to think of was that we later learn that Vincent’s last painting was the exploding TARDIS (right before his death), and that the reason Vincent likely ended up committing suicide was the death of his new friends and the end of the wonderful new universe that they showed him…

  12. The scene in the museum is one of the best scenes in this series. Gives me goosebumps every time. To live with this kind of pain all your life and then hear someone you've never met talk about you that way… ouf…

  13. It's official, this is my favorite dramatic episode of 11's (not counting Day Of The Doctor) and I will NEVER not cry during it. And the fact that you guys actually teared up for this, you have gained SOOOO much respect from me, I subscribed immediately! Great job!

  14. Apparently, it's highly likely that Van Gogh actually had synesthesia, connecting colors to sounds. He once remarked that playing piano was difficult for him because every note flashed a different color. So I think that's why he could see the aliens: even though they're invisible to the perception of sight, he could still hear them.

  15. Finally I saw reactors reacting to this episode the way it should be.. this is one of the most emotional episodes but not many gets it.. the museum with Van Gogh scene is one of my fav doctor who moments..

  16. Damn man… Yeah I forgot about how much this is the artists episode. The monster is a bait and switch. This is an ode, a homage to Van Gogh. One of the best. Amazing.

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